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This three-piece segmented Mole is a streamline design with the tactical user kept in mind. A long straight blade made to be abused yet sleek enough to hide on any set up.


The Dōzr is our most 'camp style,' blade for the traditional user sporting a two-piece segmented G10 handle with blue titanium screws.


The Pokr is a cross between our Clev and Karambit. A sleek, straight edge design, but its point is one tip you won't want to play with. Featuring a three-piece segmented handle with dual blue splits and liner.


The Rādr catches everyone's eye. It is sleek and savage, offers a long cutting edge and slight drop at the point to assist when being plunged into something. Fashioned with a layered black and tan G10 handle with a blue liner.


The Clēv holds a special place in our hearts. It reminds us of the old-fashioned straight razors we watched our grandpas shave their faces with. We wanted to keep that timeless look while adding our twist to it with the ringed handle.


The blade that started it all! The Spēr gives you the look of a classic blade with a tactical advantage. The blade as it appears has a false edge with a layered Black and ODG G10 handle with a blue liner for some extra pop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your blades made from?

Production blades are made from CM 154 while our full custom blades are made from CPM S35VN

What materials and colors are available to choose from?

Handle materials and handle design will be dependent on the knife you are purchasing, whether it is a production blade or a full custom blade. Production blades will have limited choices over all, but you have several colors to choose from such as Black, Dark Grey, Tan, ODG, and Orange all G10. However, for custom blades you will be able to select from a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials and an option for laser engraving.

What is the current lead time for production and/or custom blades?

Currently, production blades hold a lead time of 6-12 weeks but are subject to outside forces we cannot control. For custom blades our lead times are much longer and well into the 6 - 8 month range and our books for custom orders are not always open so please check the Custom Blades section of the website to see if we are accepting custom orders at the moment.

Do you have a physical store front?

Currently we do not have a store front, but who knows what the future holds

What are drops?

Drops are blades which are fully assembled and ready to find a home. Drops require no lead time.